Office monkey by day, distracted dilettante by night. I like trying new trends without spending a lot of money (hence fast fashion), and eating vast quantities of fried food (hence fast food).


I started Fast Food & Fast Fashion in August of 2010 to document my journey to become a better dresser. My wardrobe at the time comprised clubbing clothes from college, (too) many cocktail dresses for which I had no occasion, a shameful amount of UGG-branded footwear, and some work clothes that I was mostly lukewarm about.

And blogging has been helpful! I now wake up every morning excited to get dressed, and feel I am adequately prepared for any occasion. My taste hasn't changed (I still love whimsical things), but my style has improved (according to a survey I conducted on myself). 

I would describe my style as classic-with-a-twist: I love sheath dresses with unusual details, tailored coats in bright colors, blouses with frills, and flowy skirts in unique prints.

To get a better sense of how I dress, you may want to check out these "Year in Review" posts, which are compilations of my looks from that year: 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017.


Height: 5'2
Bust-Waist-Hip Measurement: 34-24-33


Write me at fastfoodandfastfashion@gmail.com (I am friendly! I promise!!)

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