Sale Alert: Kate Spade Surprise Sale

March 12, 2018

Pearly Delight Bangle ($29)
Happy Monday!

(A few programming notes for the week: there will likely be no outfit posts this week because I didn't get a chance over the weekend to work on one. I do have a few sale posts and a weekly link roundup scheduled, so check back if you read those.)

And on to the main event: Kate Spade's surprise sale is back! I really like these sales for picking up small gifts for friends (I ordered the Pearly Delight Bangle, Lady Marmalade Drop Pearl Earrings, and All Wrapped Up in Pearls Drop Earrings) as there are always (at least) a few pieces that exceed expectations (at really affordable price points). 

This particular sale will end 03/15/18 at 11:59 PM EST. As always, all sales are final so act with caution. Ground shipping is free on orders over $99.
Lady Marmalade Drop Pearl Earrings ($19)
Scotts Place Lida ($89)
All Wrapped Up in Pearls Short Necklace ($32)
Full Plume Peacock Ring
Grand Street Hayden And Nika ($159)
All Wrapped Up in Pearls Drop Earrings ($19)
More picks: Baldwin Street Nisha, Pearly Delight Double Pendant, Mikas Pond Christine, Grove Street Small Caley, Sawyer Street Declan, Le Soir Extra Long Necklace, Tilden Place Colorblock Alek, Pearly Delight Long Pendant, and Hancock Park Angelica.

Happy shopping!

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