February 18, 2018

Sweetly Scalloped Dress in size S (Cream) c/o Tobi || Lilly Pulitzer Printed Jacket || Zipia Lace Top ||  Ann Taylor Pearlized Crystal Statement Necklace
The first day of summer is still 103 days away, which honestly feels like an eternity. For those of you, like me, who can't wait another day to wear that warm-weather piece you just bought, here are some ideas for how you might wear a summer item in low temperatures.

A base layer is a necessity in cold weather. You can wear a lace top over a thermal tee to add interest to your outfit (as I did above), or ditch the thermal and throw a blazer over your look.
Sara Choker Open Back Romper in size XS (Black) c/o Tobi || Zipia Lace Top || Salvatore Ferragamo Ginny Shoulder Bag || Lioness Palermo Blazer in size XS
As my photos were taken indoors, I didn't show the first two looks with tights, but fleece-lined tights are also a necessity in cold weather. In wet conditions, wear a pair of short rain boots that match the color of your tights to keep your feet dry without cutting off the leg-line. 

As a veteran of sorts in trying to stretch the usefulness of one's wardrobe, the thing to remember when "winterizing" your outfit is to minimize the winter elements. That polyester white scallop dress is probably always going to look incompatible with a fur piece; and a chunky scarf will certainly look out of place when worn with a lace romper. The key to effective winterizing: Wear the piece as you would without consideration for the weather, and then add the warming elements in inconspicuous ways (as much as possible).
Lauren Scallop Skater Dress in size XS (Wine) c/o Tobi || Uniqlo Heattech Extra Warm Turtleneck in size XS || BLANKNYC Suede Moto Jacket in size XS
All three warm-weather pieces seen in this post are currently 50% off with code UPALLNIGHT at Tobi, and all are available in additional colors.

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