Sale Alert: UGG Duffield Robe

February 08, 2018

UGG is currently running a great sale on some cozy styles perfect for winter. I was surprised to see my favorite robe, the Duffield Robe (I'll let the reviews speak for themselves), on sale in non-neutral colors. When I planned my post yesterday nearly all sizes were still available, but overnight most sizes have already sold out, but size XS still remains in "Navy Heather" and "Port Heather." If you are in the market for a robe to lounge in, look no further than the Duffield Robe. 

Shipping is free on orders over $140. I would also recommend that you join "Ugg Rewards" (free loyalty program) as it's easy to earn meaningful amounts of rewards with even a modest purchase.
More picks: Cashmere Travel Gift Set (ordered!), Convertible Field Parka, Duffield Throw, Wool Jersey Knit Joggers, Trench Rain Jacket, Duffield Travel Set, Care Kit, and Anorak Parka.

Happy shopping!

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