(MOAR) Ruffle Sleeves

December 20, 2017

Happy Last-Day-of-Fall! Here's an outfit from warmer days. While the Halogen Ruffle Sleeve Sweater seen here is already sold out online (very limited sizes still available at Nordstrom Rack), the design (by Endless Rose) that Halogen copied is still available (and on sale!) at Bloomingdale's (with extra discounts if your order exceeds $300).

I feel very lucky to have the next two or so weeks off from work and have made absolutely no plans, so will try to put that time to good use (have a stack of books that I am eager to read, Lego sets to build, and video games to play). I also plan to make good on those posts that I promised some of you over the last year, so stay tuned (please don't hold me accountable; I also plan to be very unproductive).
Halogen Ruffle Sleeve Sweater in Heather Grey (sizes XXSP) || Zara Skirt with Gold Buttons (size XS) || Burberry London Mottram Trench (past season; size 2, altered) || Saint Laurent Small Sac De Jour in Fog (reviewed here) || Franco Sarto Mast High Boots in Navy (also here and here)
In last-minute gift news: $50 e-gift cards from Panera Bread (code: PANERA), Cold Stone Creamery (code: ICE10), JCPenney (code: JCPENNEY), Applebees (code: APPLEBEES), Express (code: EXPRESS), American Eagle (code: ), and Dominos (code: CHEESE) are $40 with their respective codes on Amazon

Happy holidays, all!

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