Abercrombie & Fitch Sale

December 01, 2017

3-in-1 Faux Shearling Lined Parka (Non-shearling version here)
Abercrombie & Fitch is currently running a rather attractive sale: most (normally full-price) styles are up to 50% off, plus you can use code 11175 for an extra 30% off and free shipping on all orders.

My picks: Long-Wool Blend Coat, Sherpa-Lined Shirt Jacket, Cozy Turtleneck, Wool-Blend Duffle Coat, Classic Denim Jacket, Sherpa-Lined Twill Parka, Wool-Blend Overcoat, Plaid Flannel Shirt, and Down-Filled Parka.
Wool-Blend Swing Coat
Button Shoulder Sweater Dress
Garment Dye Sweater Dress
Henley Crew
Happy shopping!

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