Convertible Sweater Cape

November 23, 2017

J. Crew Convertible Sweater Cape in Heather Sandstone (size XXS/XSmall) || Ralph Lauren Jodhpur Legging (past season) || Chanel Deerskin Tote || Lauren Ralph Lauren Shira Booties in Dark Snuff (past season)
For Black Friday, J. Crew is running a storewide 40% off sale (use code THANKU at checkout). If you are looking for a heavier coat, I would recommend ordering the well-reviewed Perfect Winter Parka that has been excluded from previous promotions but is eligible for this sale.

The "convertible sweater cape" shown above has earned mixed reviews for good reason. I like the soft, fuzzy knit that J. Crew used, but the fit is imperfect on 5'2 me. I also struggled a little to fit my average-sized noggin through the turtleneck, even after undoing both buttons at the neck (undoing the first button on the body does not provide more access).

The style is cut generously, so size down when possible. This sweater cape is also on sale at Nordstrom, who offers free shipping and free returns on all orders.

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