Snoopy Jumpsuit

October 02, 2017

There's no Peanuts character more polarizing than Snoopy, the cartoon beagle who has become the face of the franchise. Peanuts diehards find Snoopy's later storyline to be a diversion from, rather than an enhancement to, storylines involving the children, but pop culture fans of the comic love Snoopy as much as the comic strip's creator did.    

Snoopy's colorful inner life wherein he role-plays as his many alter egos has also proven inspirational to designers, as fashion brands rush to enter into partnerships to feature the iconic character. From Gucci to Vans to Uniqlo, the comic strip's reach is wide, and its fans are eager for products at all price levels.

Zara launched a "Snoopy collection" last spring for its women and children's lines, and select styles sold out online quickly. I was excited to find this khaki jumpsuit featuring Snoopy as one of his famous alter egos, a World War I Royal Flying Corps ace, on sale some time ago and really enjoy how wearable and easy to style it is. Instead of being infantilizing, the Snoopy accents add the right amount of visual interest to an otherwise predictable jumpsuit.
Zara Long Jumpsuit with Pockets (past season) || Aerie Romantic Lace Bralette || Hermes reversible belt || Schutz Enida Sandals (also here and here)

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