Summer White

August 27, 2017

The end of August is inevitably accompanied by a feeling of dread: Fall is less than a month away. Soon, gauzy dresses will need to be replaced with knits and cozy outer layers. Sure, it's more fun to dress for cooler temperatures, but I will really miss longer days and eating ice cream for every meal.
Abercrombie & Fitch Lace-Trim Cami in White (size XS) || Choies White-High Waist Cady Culottes (size S) || c/o Ann Taylor Rattan Straw Bag (past season) || Ann Taylor Esme Tassel Wrap Suede Sandals in Caramel Tan (Size 6.5)
I have been wearing these Choies White-High Waist Cady Culottes with frequency, but can't really recommend them in earnest: The material is wrinkle prone and requires a thorough steam before every wear; the fabric is very transparent, which most people would find objectionable; and it runs large (I had the size S taken in around 5 inches around the waist and still need to wear it with a belt). But it's inexpensive and the material is drapey and flows easily with movement, which I find fun to wear.

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