Scalloped Tote

July 03, 2017

I have had this tote for about six weeks, but haven't blogged about it because I feel lukewarm about it. It's a fine tote for the price (retail price is $49), but it's not really a piece that I am eager to wear. It is very room though, which I've at times found useful (it's the rare bag that will fit a beach towel, some snacks--including a party-sized bag of Ruffles, an oversized photobook, a box of tissues, and some drinks: pretty much everything I might need to while away an afternoon by a lake).

But it's now 50% off online (but comes in and out of stock), and finally at a price point where it might be considered a good deal. If you are looking for a cute (scallops!) picnic or beach bag, this is a pretty good option. 

(Related: ASOS also sells a scallop tote that is very reasonably-priced.)
American Eagle Faded Denim Jacket (size XXS; current season here) || J. Crew Shift Dress in Morning Floral (size 000 with straps shortened) || BP. Scalloped Faux Leather Tote in Ivory || STEVEN by Steve Madden Viienna Sandals in Tan Nubuck (size 7; also sold here, here, and here)
And for anyone who is still shopping for practical heeled-strappy sandals (which might be an oxymoron), I highly recommend the STEVEN by Steve Madden Viienna Sandals (also sold here, here, and here). The heels are ~3" tall, but it is a shoe you can wander aimlessly in, unlike the Steve Madden Stecy Sandals (seen here), which make legs look a mile long, but always destroy my feet after a few hours. The Viienna probably won't work for those with wide feet, but should be fine for those with medium-to-slightly-wide width feet. They fit true-to-size for Steve Madden, or about a half size small compared to other mass retailers. If you are between sizes, definitely size up (unless you have narrow feet).

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