Satin Camisole

May 27, 2017

This satin camisole from H&M has quickly become a workhorse piece. The lace inset raises the neckline, but preserves the sensual quality of a camisole, allowing it to pull triple duty: it's modest enough with a tailored blazer for work; plenty flirty with a full skirt for a night on the town; and with matching satin shorts, it's comfortable enough for bed. 

I own it in both colorways, but want to warn that "light beige" (while pretty) magnifies every crease (and they are hard to avoid).
H&M V-neck Satin Camisole Top (size 2) || BLANKNYC Faux Leather Jacket (size XS) || Hermes Reversible Belt (size 65) || H&M Tweed Skirt with Lace Trim (size 2; past season) || Chanel Westminster Flap || Madden Girl Beella Sandal in Black Fabric (size 7)
I packed it for a recent work trip, and was surprised by its usefulness. For how little room it took up and how frequently I wore it, the payoff couldn't be any greater.
Here are a few other camisoles that look promising: Alice + Olivia Sondra Lace Trim Camisole, Forever 21 Button-Down V-Neck Cami, Cami NYC The Brookyln Scalloped Camisole, and Topshop Rouleau Swing Camisole.

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