January 29, 2017

This pea coat brightens my mood like no other. But lately when I wear it, a tinge of sadness colors the joy.

If there is one thing that J.Crew does well, it is colors. I love their colorful sweaters and outerwear, but those styles are in short supply these days . J.Crew's new arrivals section draws from a mostly neutral palette—it's not that the styles themselves are unattractive, just that I can find similar styles out there for less (without necessarily compromising on quality).

Instead of filling collections with sheath dresses in the same navy, black, and gray, I would love to see some jewel tones or more brights. I will happily buy the Resumé Dress (reviewed here) in like five more colors, because I love it that much. And put simply, I don't have room in my closet for another black sheath dress.

I don't expect J.Crew to care about the opinion of one shopper, but as someone who shops as a side hustle, I am pretty familiar with what's on offer at any time, and J.Crew doesn't stand out in a way that is compelling. That is really problematic in an industry driven by excitement.
J.Crew Majesty Peacoat in Golden Sun (size 00P) || Zara Sweater (past season) || Banana Republic Ivory Box Pleat Skirt (past season; size 00P) || Saint Laurent Sac de Jour Small Satchel Bag in Fog Gray (also here and here) || Cole Haan Abbot Booties in Stormcloud Suede (also here, here, and here)

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