Weekend Link Roundup

January 06, 2017

▪ The New York Times's resident food critic, Pete Wells (author of this masterpiece), wrote a scathing review of LocoL, two restaurateurs' vision for the future of "fast food." As a fast food lover, I am naturally skeptical (but not wholesale critical) of millennial efforts to make fast food "socially responsible," and wonder about the scalability of the LocoL model. Despite LocoL's supposed shortcomings, I am nevertheless eager for the chain to expand eastward so I can try it for myself. (Roy Choi's passive aggressive response annoys me though.)

Neiman Marcus has extended its gift card event (use code JANGC at checkout) so you can still earn up to $800 in gift cards (on purchases of $3000+). Items that qualify for the event will have "Earn up to a $800 Gift Card with regular-price purchase + promo code JANGC. Details" in gold on their product pages. Longchamp, Saint Laurent, Tory Burch, and Burberry are all included.

▪ "One Man’s Quest to Change the Way We Die" is easily the most engaging article I've read in recent memory. It's regrettable that our discomfort with death has begotten an end-of-life care system that failed so many and caused so much needless suffering. It took me close to an hour (I read slowly) to get through the piece, but it is so worthwhile.

▪ Speaking of death, a book on the topic I read last year and found interesting was Shelly Kagan's Death. If you don't want to buy the book, his course can be found on YouTube (part 1 here).

▪ It's been a while since I last rolled my eyes as far back as I had reading "18 Habits That Will Make You Smarter." I don't know the first thing about being smart, but I do know lazy reporting (being a lazy person myself). I also know that this article is fodder for r/iamverysmart. There's no shortage of tips online for staying sharp (or becoming sharper), but this CNN one might be better—if only because it uses "could," not "will"—but I really wouldn't know.

▪ New years bring with them a set of new possibilities. I always look forward to The New York Times's "52 Places to Go" articles at the beginning of the year (related: the 2015 and 2016 lists), as they are helpful in imagining some of those possibilities. Related: "Eight Ways to Save on Travel in 2017"
Sugar is under attack. As an addict, I am at once scared and relieved.

▪ Some people may know Scranton, PA from NBC's The Office, but the city should perhaps be better known for its shocking rate of incarceration (and the resulting racial divide and poverty). 

▪ I am always looking to confirm my suspicion that working hard is Bad, thus, I welcome the message this BBC report communicates: don't be a work martyr

▪ Take up to $40 off (purchases of $150) at American Eagle and Aerie with code NEWLOOKS. Clearance styles are excluded from this offer. This code is perfect for picking up some 7 for $27.50 panties. Other picks: Real Soft® Jogger, Move Ankle Wrap Legging, Babydoll Shirt, Keyhole Back Sweater Dress, Cold Shoulder Sweater Dress, and Hi-Neck Fit & Flare Dress.

▪ If you love abstruse things, you may like Brainfuck. For everyone else, stick to Java.

▪ I've never sold a car in my life, but after reading "How To Get the Most Money When Selling Your Car," I now feel ready to sell one. And whenever the topic of used cars comes up, I feel compelled to link to George Akerlof's "The Market for Lemons."

Have a great weekend, all!

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