The Burberry Sale

December 07, 2016

Oversize Detail Silk Trench Coat
New styles have been added to the Burberry semi-annual sale, so it's worth a second look. As expected, "classic" styles are selling out quickly, so I would recommend ordering as soon as you've made a decision.

Some picks from the newly discounted group: Lightweight Slub Silk Wrap Trench Coat, Diamond Quilted Jacket, Double Cashmere Military Cape, Wool Cashmere Blend Trench Cape, and Diamond Quilted Field Jacket with Panel Detail.

Shipping and returns (by mail) are free on all orders.
Italian Lace Trench Coat
Military Wool Duffle Coat
Sandringham Fit Cashmere Trench Coat (reviewed here)
The semi-annual Burberry sale has started! As always, I recommend those who wear popular sizes to order near the beginning of the sale, as sizes sell out quickly. Many items will likely not be further discounted online. Additionally, in recent years Burberry has elected to ship sale items to outlets instead of further discounting them online.

I ordered the Floral and Mesh Lace Dress; also love the Small Saddle Bag in Grainy Bonded Leather (larger size here) and Knitted Silk Wool Cashmere Blend Jacket
Stretch Cotton Skirted Trench Jacket
Straight Fit Duffle Coat
Cotton Sateen Trench Coat
Short Double Wool Twill Trench Coat
Happy shopping!

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