(The Obligatory) Election Post

November 07, 2016

As is tradition, here's my reminder to get to the polls and vote tomorrow (those who went the early voting route: good work!)

Some election-related links to prepare yourself:

Voter ID Laws (by State) via Vote.org

Voter Registration Deadlines for the General Election by State via USA.gov 

▪ For those unsure about their eligibility, go to CanIVote.org to locate local representatives who can offer more information

Find Your Polling Place and Early Vote Options! via Rock the Vote

See a copy of the ballot

State Laws Prohibiting Electioneering Activities Within a Certain Distance of the Polling Place via NASS (Related: Guy In Trump Hat and ‘Deplorables’ T-Shirt Arrested At Texas Polling Place via the Huffington Post)

In These States, Taking a Selfie with Your Ballot Could Get You Arrested via Vox

And here are some videos to cheer you up, because this election cycle has been brutal.

Happy voting!

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