Ruffle Blouse & Tweed Jacket

November 17, 2016

Reshuffling the contents of your closet can sometimes inspire unexpected results. I've owned this ruffle blouse and this tweed jacket for years, but never thought to wear them together until they serendipitously landed near each other during one such "reshuffling" (i.e., hanging things wherever there's room, with no regard for organizing principles).
J. Crew Tweed Dauphine Jacket (past season) || Zara Ruffle Blouse (past season) || Ann Taylor Kate Refined Flare Trousers (size 00P; past season) || Burberry Medium Banner House Check Leather Tote in Light Grey Melange || Hermes Logo Belt (size 065) || Ann Taylor Mila Leather Pumps

And department stores are really fighting for business these days. The Neiman Marcus "best" gift card event just ended, and Saks immediately started offering its own: earn up to $700 in gift cards with code NOV2016. The Burberry Banner Medium Leather & Check Satchel seen above qualify for gift cards, for those who are in the market for a new bag. It is available in a number of colors, ranging from neutral to vibrant: brilliant fuchsia, russet red, light grey, black, mahogany red, ink blue, dark sand, natural, tan, and thistle grey.

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