Review: Free People Juliet Babydoll Sweater Dress

November 27, 2016

Free People Juliet Babydoll Sweater Dress // Size XS // Ivory
Just a short post about one of my favorite purchases from the last month: Free People's Juliet Babydoll Sweater Dress. Online reviews were mixed on this style, so I tempered my expectations accordingly. And while I agree with some of the criticism—the dress is in fact gauzy—I unexpectedly fell in love with the dramatic bell sleeves. Though I am currently undecided on color, I do intend to keep one (keeping both would be... excessive?)

PRICE I probably would not have considered this dress at retail ($168), but it's now on sale at Macy's for $66.99, which is more reasonable for a trendy piece that will likely look dated in a few months.

FIT The dress fits true to size for Free People, which means that it runs slightly smaller width-wise compared to mass market retailers, but is designed for someone 5'5 or taller (making it obscenely short on someone leggy). The sleeves end past my fingertips, which would normally be a drawback, but in this case I really like the look.

MATERIAL 53% alpaca/30% nylon/17% merino wool; it's soft, and not particularly irritating. Those with wool sensitivity may want to skip this, though.
Free People Juliet Babydoll Sweater Dress // Size XS // Blue
You can buy this dress from Macy's, Shopbop, Nordstrom, ASOS, or Revolve Clothing.

A post dedicated to Cyber Monday sales is scheduled for later today, so check back if you are looking for recommendations.

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