Review: Free People Kolby Brushed Fringe Scarf

October 29, 2016

Acne Canada Scarf || Free People Kolby Brushed Scarf
I received a few requests for colorful (and affordable) alternatives to the popular Acne Canada Scarf after I reviewed it this spring. A promising candidate turned up recently that I feel is worth sharing.

The Free People Kolby Brushed Scarf is available in seven colors on the Free People website, and comes in colors like "gold," "army," "ballet," and "deep ocean." It is (as shown above) noticeably longer (98" long and 30" wide), but a lot softer, than the Acne Canada Scarf (78" long and 27.5" wide).
Free People Kolby Brushed Scarf || Acne Canada Scarf
One advantage the Free People Kolby Scarf has over the Acne Scarf is that, while it is 68% acrylic/32% polyester and not as warm as the Acne Canada Scarf (100% virgin wool), it likely won't irritate those with wool allergy.

The price ($48) is reasonable for this oversized but cozy and light option for fall. And there are so many ways to wear this blanket scarf: I like to wear it both around my neck, or as a wrap (as seen below).
Free People Kolby Brushed Scarf in Sand
 A few more ideas from Free People:

You can buy the Free People Kolby Brushed Scarf at Nordstrom, Free People (7 colors), Tilly's, Backcountry, and Shopbop.

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