Fog & Olive Juice

November 01, 2016

I am a fan of evocative color names—even when they are abstruse. Most brands do an adequate job of associating color names with the reference color, but sometimes those connections are hard to make. The most egregious offenders are in paint; it's rarer that fashion brands might miss the mark entirely. My theory is that, in fashion, when brands try to tell a story or evoke a memory, product names generally precede color names.

Whoever was put in charge of color naming this BLANKNYC Suede Moto Jacket did a fine job: the color names mostly fall in line with the reference color. Except for "Olive Juice," which is really more moss green than olive, and more olive than olive juice. Isn't olive juice more yellow than green? Sometimes I wonder if these head-scratchers are intentional, or merely gaps in personal knowledge.
BLANKNYC Morning Suede Moto Jacket in Olive Juice (Size XS) || Ann Taylor Cable Turtleneck Sweater (Size XS; past season) || Gap Legging Jeans (Size 00P) || Saint Laurent Small Sac De Jour Grained Leather in Fog  (also here) || Kate Spade New York Larisa Pumps in Blue Jean (past season)
And a special sale alert for my fellow scallop fanatics: this gorgeous Banana Republic Scalloped Pocket Dress is half off in petite (this is a promotional item so no other discounts can be applied). Banana Republic's sale styles are also 50% off until midnight tonight.

Happy shopping!

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  1. I love the jacket on you Elle! I have one in charcoal and camel coming (if it will ever ship) cause I couldn't decide which color to get.

    1. Pauline!

      I think you'll love this jacket--I also own this in "coffee been" and charcoal gray... we'll be jacket twins! :)

  2. Ok, I had to leave a comment this time because I LOVE this outfit on you! I've been staying away from the color green, but this olive is a beautiful color.

    1. Hi Jen!

      Why are you staying away from the color green? It's my favorite color, and I can't get enough.

      Wish you'd post on IG more... I love your baby posts. She is my fav! :)


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