H&M End of Season Sale

September 15, 2016

Texture-patterned Dress
Hundreds of new styles have been added to H&M's sale section. Use code 0040 for free shipping on orders over $40.

The Texture-patterned Dress that I own but struggled to find in stores is still available online at a great discount in all sizes. Other items in my closet that are now on sale: One-shoulder Dress and Jumpsuit with Short Legs.

My picks: Pleated Skirt, Ribbed Jersey Dress, Textured-weave Jacket, Imitation Suede Jacket, Sports Tights, Pointed Flats with Lacing, and Pleated Skirt.
Small Shoulder Bag
One-shoulder Dress
Patterned Silk Dress
Sleeveless Dress
Textured Skirt
Biker Jacket
Premium Cotton Shirt
Other picks: Slim-fit Pants, Lyocell-blend Coat, Lace Top (matching skirt), Satin Camisole Top, Jersey Jumpsuit, Open-shoulder Dress, and Sleeveless Dress.

Happy shopping!

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