Fall Wardrobe Update

September 27, 2016

Happy fall! I've teamed up with ThredUp again to share how a few additions can spruce up any fall wardrobe.

If you start with five of my wardrobe basicstrench coat, striped top, fitted jeans, classic handbag, and basic pumps—and add four textured pieces (preferably in jewel tones), you can easily create a dozen fall-perfect outfits from them.
A closet refresh need not be expensive or boring. The Munsell purple sweater (Alice + Olivia; the contrasting peter pan collar and cuff are removable!), forest green lace skirt (J. Crew), and cerise lace dress (Free People) were all found at ThredUp in new condition for less than $100 in all. The number of items available on there is intimidating at first, but you can easily filter by size and color. Try search terms like "lace" or browse only styles from one of your favorite brands (it's a great place to look for past season favorites—the ones that got away—that sold out before you could get your hands on them).
For your closet refresh, you can use code FAST40 for 40% off your first order. Happy browsing!

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