Kate Spade 75% Off Surprise Sale

August 23, 2016

Charlotte Street Alek (4 colors; $85)
Kate Spade is running another 75% off surprise sale, the second sale of its kind in less than a month. Kate Spade's CEO Craig Leavitt had shared that the brand will be holding promotional events with more frequency and heavier discounts after Kate Spade's stock price tumbled earlier this month, missing earning forecasts for the fifth time in six quarters.

In the short run, this means an abundant supply of cheap handbags for us all. Though I may start to worry about product quality soon.
Foster Court Pepper
Remington Place Filipa (canvas version here)
Free shipping within the U.S. is offered on orders over $175. All sales are final.

My order: Apple Mini Pendant and Alek Crossbody Bag; My picks: Felix Satchel, Bedford Tote, Perri Backpack, Francisca Bow Tote, Backless Mini Dress, Fox Ring, Cora Crossbody, and Taden Tote.
Charles Street Mini Brantley
Cove Street Provence
Paterson Court Brynlee
Southport Avenue Small Jenny
Paterson Court Brynlee
More picks: Adaira Bag, Blaze a Trail Tote, Strawberry Mini Pendant, Crepe Bow Dress, Cody Backpack, Mini Bow Pendant, Demi Scalloped Dress, and Wilder Backpack.

Happy shopping!

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  1. I love surprises...especially when they involve shopping ;) These are all cute btw. Thanks for the heads up on the sale.

    xo Azu



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