Bear Charms

May 22, 2016

J. Crew Fringy Tweed Jacket | Forever 21 Striped Dress (similar here and here) | Kate Spade Primrose Hill Little Kaelin Bag | Converse Chuck Taylor® Shoreline Sneaker
I am a fan of the bear-charms-on-bags look, though I can't tell if it's another manifestation of my crippling Peter Pan syndrome. I started hanging miniature stuffed bears on my bags last year (my parents rarely buy souvenirs for their children when they travel—I get a lot of Walkers shortbread cookies and plane peanuts that they'd grab on flights home and the occasional free box of hotel treats that they failed to finish; these tiny bears that housekeeping leaves guests are maybe the best gifts that I have gotten from them). 

After the fourth or fifth time that someone asked me why I was hanging hotel-branded bears on my bag, I decided I might just buy a nondescript bear charm to hang instead.
Burberry Mr. Trench Thomas Bear Charm
Prada Teddy Bear Charm for Handbag
MCM Cupid Bear Charm
Burberry Thomas Bear Charm
Prada Swarovski® Crystal Teddy Bear Charm
Having motivation to buy something is great, but having to justify paying $150+ for a tiny bag charm isn't easy, especially when you can get a giant Giant Panda cuddling a tiny Giant Panda stuffed animal set for under $50. Or a six feet tall giant toy Giraffe for about $150.

Who can help me do the math?!

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  1. Love the bear charms!

    What size are you wearing in the fringy tweed jacket?


    1. The jacket is 000 regular; fits a little larger than other J. Crew tweed jackets that I own in 00P. :)

  2. Oh that Mr. Trench is so cute, and so your style! Elle, I admit I have Peter Pan syndrome too! I'm in my 30's and I recently bought this Lea barbie doll because they didn't have such a pretty Asian version when I grew up (and parents would never buy me one anyhow). And I'm so inspired from Barbie Style on instagram lately :)

    1. Barbie has really good style--it helps that she is a big enough name that designers fall over themselves to make her mini replicas of runway styles. :)

  3. Which hotel leaves such adorable and pretty bear charms?

    1. Conrad Tokyo--most Conrads give free stuffed animals to HHonors members (pandas in Beijing, elephants in Bangkok, dolphins in Maldives, etc.) :)


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