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April 04, 2016

1. My favorite purchase from March was this Tweed Dress with Layered Skirt from Zara, which I have been trying to wear everywhere (in spite of the snow). The dress is high-waisted (and fits a little smaller than like-items from the women's collection) so those with larger chests should go up 1-2 sizes.

2. Fashion short-termism: Hedi Slimane's Dangerous Legacy via the New York Times

3. I can't seem to find a cape that will stem my need for more capes, though this J. Crew trench cape holds the promise of being "The One." I am trying to sustain my optimism by ignoring its less-than-stellar three-star rating.

4. I am the most gullible/obtuse person I know so I avoid going outside/engaging with people/reading Reddit on April Fools' Day, lest I fall victim to some cruel prank. I made my friends take the LWT No-Prank Pledge last April, which is something that everyone should do.

5. One of my favorite Amazon lists is "Movers & Shakers," a dangerous page to bookmark if you have little willpower. Over the last few months, I've been suckered into buying a Nonstick 6-Cavity Donut Pan and innumerable bags of 5-pound Haribo Gummi Candy Gold-Bears. I recently pre-ordered The Southern Cookie Book, even though I rely exclusively on Pinterest for cookie recipes.

6. 17 Extreme Close-Ups That Will Freak You The Fuck Out via Buzzfeed (Warning: trypophobics, stay out. Seriously.)

7. Police Body Cameras? What Do You See via the New York Times

8. How Bad Is Ocean Garbage, Really? via the Atlantic

9. John Maynard Keynes might finally be able to shout "I told y'all so" from beyond the grave, but it will take advanced robots to make his predictions come true. What would you do if you were paid a Universal Basic Income, and how much should it be?

10. Angela Merkel's Unpopular Goodness (Favorite quote: "It's weird...I completely disagree with Angela Merkel's policy. And the more she pursues it the more I respect her.")

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  1. hahah love the "movers and shakers" bit


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