J. Crew Trench Cape

April 30, 2016

Despite being critical of the J. Crew trench cape in a previous post, a well-timed price drop (and no resistance to my request for a price adjustment from J. Crew's online support team) convinced me that it's now something worth investing additional energy into transforming. 

I decided I liked the cape's color, could overlook the easily wrinkled fabric, and was most bothered by the length (~33 inches in overall length), which, frankly speaking, is a minor fit issue. I was quoted $40 by a local tailor to shorten and slim the cape, which I found reasonable.

It's not a project that I would've undertaken normally, but my mostly fruitless trench cape search has left me questioning the probability that I'll find something off the shelf.
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To segue into a rant, for a retailer who has struggled as much with fit issues in recent years as J. Crew, I am curious what steps it is taking to correct this problem. The 5-star rating system on product pages make transparent that fit issues are felt close to universally on most lowly-rated styles. 

Even the well-reviewed fringy tweed jacket which I covet has an awkward jewel neckline which I anticipate being a challenge to style.  

Mickey Drexler recently mass emailed J. Crew email subscribers looking for feedback so I took him up on his offer. Will share the response (assuming there is one).

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  1. Greetings Elle - I purchased the J.Crew Fringy Tweed Jacket when it first came out and got it on promo. I wasn't sure if I would like it, and was still on the fence after trying it on. The deciding factor was that it shed all over my other clothes. I hung it up next to a black blazer. When I pulled the blazer out of my closet, it was covered in white fuzz. Knowing it did not spend time with the lint trap in my dryer, I figured out the culprit was the FTJ, which shed over a few other things. I figure this has saved me about $150 this spring :-) Cheers - Jennifer


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