Buying Multiples

March 04, 2016

When you have no closet space, every purchase feels like it might be your last. And when you buy multiples of something with this understanding, you know it's true love.

A few mental states compel me to buy things in multiples: panic (What if I never find anything that fits this well again?!) and delusion (I will never need another t-shirt now that I have ten of these!)

Sometimes these purchases are made in a rational, detached way (incredible price + remarkable quality + exceptional fit = buy), but other calculations are less precise (OMG. Scallops? Lace?? Cap sleeves??? Tulle???? Yes, I'll take them in all the colors).

Despite the range of emotions that drive these purchases, I find many of them to be useful, like Aerie Brooke Bras, Gap Legging Jeans, Aerie Seaside Turtleneck, J. Crew Lady Day Coats, and Hunter Rain Boot
Black Halo Jackie O Dress in Heroine (reviewed here; on super sale in white here) | J. Crew Maple Tweed Jacket | Burberry London Westland Trench | Rebecca Minkoff Quilted Mini Affair Bag (reviewed here) | Lauren Ralph Lauren Bryce Boots
This outfit comprises many of these multiples purchases: I own the Black Halo Jackie O Dress (reviewed here) in three colors, the J. Crew tweed jacket in two colorways (though have countless others that are similar in form), and the Rebecca Minkoff Quilted Mini Affairs Bag (reviewed here) in a second color.

I don't think buying multiples is an intrinsically good or bad thing. I think there are a few people for whom buying multiples is efficient (like
those who shop sparingly and those who have a minimalist style—which is different from someone who lives a minimalist lifestyle) but I suspect far more people, including me, fall in the other camp: buying multiples because we can or want to.

As someone who shops a lot and who jokingly tells friends that her second job is advocating for consumerism and stimulating the economy, I don't experience too much consumerist guilt, but I do recognize that resources are finite. For me there's also a point at which stuff starts to cause me anxiety and that is why I orchestrate frequent closet purges and care about the utility (and disutility) of buying multiples

These days, when I do commit to a multiples purchase, I do it because the original gets worn with an undeniable frequency. And I think that's a clear indication that the copy will (likely) also be well loved.

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  1. love your tweed jacket! How come I've never seen that colorway!?

    1. The maple tweed jacket is from fall 2014. It has been brought back in recent seasons in other colorways though. This colorway pops up on eBay from time to time, if you are interested definitely set up an alert! :)

  2. Greetings Elle - So yeah, that would be me. My Dad's philosophy was that if he found a shirt, sweater, or pants that he liked, he bought them in every color, closet space be damned. For me, it makes it easier to mix and match and put outfits together. It's also an anxiety thing - what if I spill bleach on my gray skirt? What if my blue sweater unravels? What if I fall down and tear a hole in my black pants (that actually happened - thank goodness I had 3 other pairs :-). I also advocate for multiples on other areas, such as every color of Peeps bunnies and chicks. Because one can never have enough options for artificially-colored, sugar-coated marshmallows. Cheers - Jennifer P.S. LOVE the jacket.

    1. lol. Peeps bunnies and chicks DEFINITELY require multiples. I think many of us have shopped enough that we *know* when something is special. And as a clumsy person who spills everything, these concerns (that something bad might befall that perfect pair of black pants) are not unfounded! :)


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