Review: J. Crew Wintress Puffer Coat with Faux-Fur Hood

February 04, 2016

I reviewed a J. Crew's bestseller, the Wintress Puffer, last winter and found it slightly underwhelming. I was excited to see it brought back this season with a removable faux fur trim and ordered it immediately to try.

The puffer's material and workmanship are more or less on par with other J. Crew outerwear styles (so declining, but still adequate). The shell and lining of the coat are 100% polyester, and the filling is a "minimum 70% down" with the "reminder waterfowl feathers (Class II)."

WARMTH The coat is perfect for around freezing temperatures. When I wear this coat and am moving around, I start to sweat at around 45ºF. And the coat isn't warm enough on its own at below 20ºF (which is why base layers are so important; I personally like Uniqlo's affordable and functional HEATTECH "innerwear").

As much as I like this coat, my experience is muddled. I think the style is flattering and sufficiently warm for my purpose, but within a week of getting this coat, I started noticing down seeping from its seams. J. Crew promptly sent me a replacement but I remain skeptical.
J. Crew Wintress Puffer Coat with Faux-Fur Hood | Gap Stripe Boatneck Sweater | Gap 1969 Legging Jeans (similar) | Converse Chuck Taylor® All Star® Ballet Lace Sneakers

SIZING After trying the style in both regular and petite lengths, I went with regular length for longer sleeves and slightly more coverage. I ordered my size in regular (XXXS)—regular sizes are about a half to a full size larger than petite sizes—which fits perfectly with medium layers. 

Chest Circumference34.7532.7535.7533.75
Waist Circumference33.531.534.532.5
Hip Circumference41394240

DETAIL The style is cut slightly slimmer than similar puffers that I tried this year. I don't feel it adds bulk in an unflattering way and, as mentioned before, the faux fur detail adds sophistication to an otherwise unremarkable design. I like that the coat is designed as a three-piece set: the faux fur trim can be detached from the hood, and the hood can also be detached from the body. 

I also like that the pockets are lined in fleece (even for the awkward boob pockets but I don't use them and they don't protrude prominently so they are a wash) and that they have rib knit storm cuffs with thumbholes like the Nordic Parka (reviewed here).
PRICE The Wintress Puffer with Faux-Fur Hood retails for $298, which is a little overpriced but not egregiously so. Most outerwear promotions can be applied to this style so I strongly recommend waiting for a 25% or 30% off promotion, when possible.

The style in navy is currently on sale (I am tempted to get another) and code STARTSHOPPING will take 25% off most outerwear styles.

Happy shopping!

Double-cloth Lady Day Coat with Thinsulate® // Nordic Parka // Chateau Parka in Stadium-Cloth

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  1. I've been looking for a coat for a while now and it just started heavy snowing today, so I think I might get this for now. I'm not sure, haha. But I am in desperate need of a good coat.

    1. You are in luck! I think outerwear sales stagnated this winter so there are lots of good deals to be found... if you spend an hour or two browsing, you'll find more than enough options to tide you over.

      Good luck!

  2. I debated this coat for a while but ultimately purchased a Vince Camuto one in Lord & Taylor. Even with the petite size, I just felt like this one was too puffy on me but not obsessed with mine either. Maybe next year I'll do better! :)

    1. This puffer is definitely not for everyone. TBH I know for sure there are better options out there (compared to this) but this one fits the bill and I don't feel like exploring more options at this point in the season. I hope to do better next winter too! :)

  3. I ordered this coat in December but returned it within a week, while I liked the slim fit, I am not sure about the style and quality: it is only 70% down while the one I have from 2010 winter is 80% down; Placement of the chest zippers and faux fur on the hood are a little awkward for me. Since I live in Florida, I feel I cannot justify spending this much for something won't wear a lot and not 100% sure. I ordered PATAGONIA WOMEN'S DUETE PARKA last week and yet to see how it fits.

    1. Agreed that the puffer's quality isn't the greatest and has been declining. I also admit that all the compliments I've received on this puffer definitely clouded my judgment a bit. The Patagonia Duete Parka looks promising (the reviews are great!), though I wish it were a little more "embellished"? Please share your thoughts once you get it! :)

  4. Elle, can you explain the sizing chart you posted? Is there a different sizing chart for outerwear? The regular size on J Crew's sizing chart is bust 31.5, waist 24, hip 34, not the sizes you listed. I'm really confused because when I look on the London Fog site's size chart it says XS is 35-34-40 which seems way too big to me, but if it really means 31.5-24-34 then that would fit fine.

    1. Hi Connie,

      The size chart I posted is one that J. Crew's customer service team shared with me. It's the measurements taken of the Wintress Puffer, so it should be more accurate than the size chart posted online for general outerwear. The measurements are about an inch off from the measurements I took myself but I thought they were close enough to share. This style runs a little smaller than similar styles, so you should go by the measurements posted here.

      Good luck!

    2. Hm so if you normally wear 31-24-34 then the 35-34-42 size should fit you?

    3. Hi Connie,

      You and I are actually pretty similar in measurements. Even the smallest size fit me (though was a tight fit), depending on how tall you are, you may want to look into regular sizing as I mentioned in the review. The measurements are meant to be used to compare like items (so if you have a puffer that fits well, then measure that and compare it to the measurements I posted), it's not meant to be used to compare against your own measurements. Sorry that was not clear. :)


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