H&M Extra 40% Off Sale

January 25, 2016

Sale items are now an extra 40% off at H&M with code 3301. Use code 3295 on orders over $35 for free shipping.

I picked up a cashmere sweater dress, cashmere-blend hat and cashmere sweater from the Premium Quality collection.

The Off-the-shoulder Dress that I bought recently is still available in all sizes and is $8.99 after discounts. I went up a size thinking it would be short and tight (as described) but found that the length would've been fine in my normal size; the waist is also too big in the larger size. Unless you are extremely busty or wide-hipped, try your normal size in this style.

Top: Off-the-shoulder Dress
Bottom: Off-the-shoulder Sweater

The fine-knit poncho that I picked up last fall is now on sale in two colors; it's too lightweight for harsh winters but I like how well it drapes (sadly, it is only available in one size and will probably overwhelm those who are petite) and can't wait to wear it again in the spring.

There are a lot of great basics on sale, like this jersey top ($9.99; pictured below and available in four colors). This wool-blend sweater, cable-knit sweater, short-sleeved henley, crepe blouse, cashmere-blend scarf, Lyocell top, satin dress, loose-knit cardigan, and sleeveless jumpsuit also look promising.
 There are plenty of workwear options, one of my favorites is this tie neck silk blouse (pictured below). For something closer to bright white, this lower-priced tie neck blouse may be a good choice. I also like this crepe jacket with clean lines, this classic long-sleeved blouse, and this satin blouse.
And while I normally avoid fast fashion establishments when shopping for outerwear, this down jacket from the premium collection looks promising. I also like this wool-blend cape, which reminds me of the DKNY Blythe Cape that I bought recently.
This straight-cut lace dress (pictured below) is available in three colors and is now $14.99; small sizes are still available. There are a lot of attractive lace options in this sale, like this lace top, lace wrap dress, peplum top, v-neck dress, and camisole with lace trim.

There are also some daring prints that have been tastefully done, like this long chiffon dress that I am tempted by and this patterned dress.

And some interesting mixed media items, like this jumpsuit which incorporates both lace and velvet (pictured below), dress in jersey and mesh, sleeveless jumpsuit, and chiffon and lace dress,
Some additional picks: strapless dress, satin maxi dress, jacket with tie belt, cable-knit sweater, satin wrap dress, wrap-front skirt, peplum dress, embroidered top, draped bandeau dress, glittery knit sweater, v-neck dress, fine-knit turtleneck sweater, draped camisole dress, draped cardigan, shirt dress, sequined skirt, and textured skirt.

Please note that H&M runs its online and physical operations separately so you cannot return online orders to a store (and vice versa). All shipments come with a prepaid return label that will cost $5.95 to use. Complete terms can be found here.

Happy shopping!

Edited: As requested, the Off-the-shoulder Dress dress:

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  1. Hi Elle, I'm so glad I discovered your blog! The depth and details you offer, especially when it comes to brand sales, are so thoughtful and caring. If possible, may I see how the first off-the-shoulder dress looks on you?

    1. Of course! I'll update this post with a picture tomorrow. :)

    2. Hi Jean,

      This week has been a little crazy. Want to leave me your email so I can email you the picture over the weekend? Or would you prefer to just wait for me to update this post (hopefully by the end of the weekend). Thanks for being understanding. :)

    3. Elle, I'm so beyond grateful for your response! You must be busy, and I can surely wait until you have time to update this post! Thank you so much <3

    4. Hi Jean,

      Sorry about the delay. I've uploaded a picture, it's at the bottom of the post. :)

      Enjoy your week!


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