Extra 60% Off Sale at American Eagle & Aerie

January 13, 2016

Aerie and American Eagle's winter clearance sale is still going strong. All clearance styles are now an additional 60% off, no code needed.

I hesitated to share this deal because my last few non-intimates order from Aerie have not been successful; I was surprised that everything I picked up earlier this month ended up being keepers.

I ordered two Plaid Flannel Romper (available in three colors) earlier this month for $8 each; as reviewed, the bottom half is shrunken so this is not fit for wearing outside the house. The colors are also not as nuanced as pictured. But I do find them to be comfortable to sleep in. 
My previous order: Plaid Blanket Scarf ($10.80), Plaid Cape ($16), Seaside Turtleneck ($10.80), Knit Scarf ($4), Faux Fur Snood ($4), and Teddy Robe ($10.80). The Panama Hat ($10) that I wore in this post is also still available.
On the American Eagle side, I am liking all of the soft tees and sweaters.
Free shipping, as always, on orders over $50. If you have ShopRunner, AE/Aerie is a participating merchant.

Happy shopping!

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