Yellow Peacoat (+ 2015 J. Crew Stadium-cloth Majesty Peacoat Review)

November 18, 2015

Instead of taking inventory of cold weather items and responsibly replacing things that have reached the end of their service lives, I've just been buying sundresses and gladiator sandals (best price I've seen on these, by the way; they are still full price on the SW website and at Saks and Nordstrom). I'm basking in a willful ignorance that can only be cured with a sizable storm.
J. Crew Stadium-cloth Majesty Peacoat (this year's version) | Forever 21 Chunky Knit Sweater Dress | Ann Taylor Oval Pearlized Necklace | Kate Spade Capri Espadrille Maise | Stuart Weitzman Queen Pumps
Speaking of seasonally inappropriate purchases, I bought three pairs of Stuart Weitzman Queen Pumps recently. I didn't heed the advice of several reviews to size up but the shoes fit fine in my normal size, though are just not comfortable for my slightly wide feet. I kept them in sunny yellow because I really like the color but won't be wearing them for more than a few hours at a time.
And, as expected (though I had to give it a shot), the new Majesty Peacoat was disappointing (compared to the original). I tried to find redeeming qualities about it but there was just so much awkwardness about the new design that I disliked (though the fatal flaw was really the boob pockets, which I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy).
Top: Old | New
Bottom: New | Old
Those of you who follow me on IG and Twitter may have seen my alerts about the style being on promotion (or price error, who knows with J. Crew?) over the weekend. Even at that price point ($158, which would've been a steal for the original design) I couldn't muster  enough excitement to order a pretty color to try.

I was curious about the fit of the newly added size 000 and found that it wasn't too noticeably slimmer-fitting than the the 00P (but those with even an average-sized chest should consider sizing up if between sizes). Sizing is TTS for J. Crew, though the style is meant to be tailored so please plan for layers accordingly.

As always, my opinion alone shouldn't dissuade you from making a purchase. For what it's worth, the coat looks perfectly fine on the model (and also looked great on a striking woman whom I brazenly flagged down on the street last Sunday to compliment) so it may work well for body types different from my own.
Size 000 // Dusty Ginger
Here are some measurements that I obtained from J. Crew's (always helpful) customer service team:

Chest Circumference32.533.531.532.5
Waist Circumference30.531.529.530.5
Sweep Circumference38.539.537.538.5

What do you think about the new design for the Majesty Peacoat?

Double-cloth Lady Day Coat with Thinsulate® // Nordic Parka // Chateau Parka in Stadium-Cloth

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