Candy Colored (+ M&M’S® Crispy: Sweet Summer Fun)

August 08, 2015

One of my fondest snacking memories is getting single-serve bags of the M&M’S® Crispy from vending machines after soccer practice in high school. I was devastated when Mars discontinued the product in 2005 (I may have even written their corporate office demanding that it be brought back, helping to make the Crispy the most requested variety to be resurrected in the ten years since). Imagine my delight and surprise when Mars announced late last year that the Crispy will return to store shelves in January of this year.
I recently picked up a bag of the Crispy at the supermarket checkout line (almost grabbed the Pretzel ones by mistake because the old Crispy packaging was blue) and took a trip down memory lane. I felt as though I was briefly transported back to the early aughts and a teenager again.
A rice puff center enveloped in milk chocolate and coated in a familiar candy shell, the taste of the re-released Crispy is no different from that from memory. These make a great snack on-the-go and may replace the M&M’S® Peanut as my standby.
For more information on M&M’S® Crispy, including nutritional information, please visit M&M's or learn more on Facebook.

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