Review: Ann Taylor Trench Cape

March 09, 2015

Ann Taylor Trench Cape // Size Petite XXS // Length: 27.75"
I wasted no time ordering the Ann Taylor Trench Cape after seeing it listed online but didn't have a chance to take pictures until recently. The style is now on sale for an extra 50% off online.

The color in the stock photo is a fairly good representation of what "Wet Stucco" looks like in real life. I was a little disappointed that it was more white than beige (as some ads have portrayed the style) but the construction is fair and the design "classic."

The difference between regular and petite lengths is not immediately obvious but I found the fit and placement of the armholes on the regular a more comfortable choice for me.
Ann Taylor Trench Cape // Size Regular XXS // Length: 29.5"
Another trench cape worth considering is this one from the Limited's Scandal collection. If darker colors are more your speed, this dark navy option from Michael Kors looks promising.

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