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February 23, 2015

Grace Kelly via imgkid
Earlier this year, the Boohoo team asked me to recreate the classic style of one of my favorite stars using dresses from Boohoo USA. I chose the Kendra Peplum Dress which is conservative enough for work and versatile enough for play to channel Grace Kelly.
The Princess consort of Monaco had a style that was timeless but not stuffy, which is (ideally) how I would like to dress. And while her lifestyle is mostly aspirational, it doesn't make coveting her many elegant gowns any less fun.
Grace Kelly in To Catch a Thief
Source: New York Magazine
The Kendra Peplum Dress is one of a few dozen peplum styles that can be found on Boohoo; the midi length is not too awkward on 5'2 me but for those who are looking for something more youthful, consider the Joy Peplum Dress which is shorter in length.
I had reviewed Boohoo in a previous post in case you have questions about sizing.

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