Year in Review: Favorite Purchases of 2014

December 29, 2014

2014 is a year of few regrets on the shopping front. I was careful not to allow return periods to lapse and was less impulsive compared to previous years when placing orders. 

Here are ten of my favorite purchases from 2014:

1. Kate Spade New York Picnic Mariella Dress

2. J. Crew Convertible Toggle Coat

3. Converse All Star Shoreline Sneaker (buy here and here)

4. Madewell Transport Tote (buy here and here)

5. Vince Camuto Wrap Front Shirt Tail Blouse  (buy here, here, and here)

6. Ann Taylor Cropped Cable Sweater (buy here)

7. Prada Saffiano Medium Double Zip Top-Handle Bag (buy here)

8. J. Crew Gingham Utility Shirt    //    9. J. Crew Majesty Peacoat (buy here)

10. Michael by Michael Kors Runway Watch (buy here and here)
Honorable mentions: Zara Top with Embroidered Cuff, Hunter Original Tour Rain Boots, Ann Taylor Versatile Tie Blouse, and Ann Taylor Ombre Plaid Coat.

Previous editions: 2012 & 2013

Please share your favorite purchases from the last year in the comment section. 

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