Denim Jacket + Sweatshirt Dress

October 05, 2014

American Eagle Faded Denim Jacket (last worn here) | Zipia Sweatshirt Dress (similar) | H&M Tiered Necklace | Madewell Transport Tote (also here) | Converse All Star Shoreline Sneaker
I have no shortage of navy things but recently find myself weirdly drawn to all things navy again. A few beautiful pieces that I've wishlisted:
Kittery Lace Dress
DvF Zarita Dress
J. Crew Gingham Utility Shirt
 Ashling Coat in Makintosh
Classic Duffle Coat
J. Crew Excursion Quilted Vest
Alcina Pencil Dress
Handpainted Island Dress
Ravine Flared Dress
Meeting Point Dress
Bejeweled Lace Dress

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