Cheetah Brocade (+ Closet Cleanout Challenge)

October 15, 2014

American Eagle Faded Denim Jacket | Ann Taylor Club Stripe Tee | Hermes Reversible Belt | Coach Crossbody Bag + J. Crew Collection Cheetah Brocade Pencil Skirt c/o of Twice | Zara Court Shoes
I like to think I am disciplined (if not ruthless) in orchestrating seasonal closet clean-outs but there are a few items in my closet that I can't seem to get rid of, even though they 1) have never been worn 2) don't fit well.

I send some of these items to Twice, an online purveyor of secondhand clothing. The rates--Twice seems to treat all items equally and doesn't make a distinction between new with tags and gently worn--at which Twice purchases pre-owned clothing are low but reasonable, considering how it prices its inventory and how little effort is required of the seller.

The process to sell is simple enough: sign up for an account, print out a label and packing list, and send qualifying items off in your own box or request a container from Twice. Payments are made in USD or Twice store credit, the latter is paid out with a 25% bonus.

To shop Twice, sign up here for 50% off your first purchase. My experience shopping Twice has been generally positive; most items are in close-to-new condition (handbag conditions are a little more erratic than clothing, from my four transactions) and occasionally you'll stumble upon special pieces that can no longer be found in stores (or even on ebay).
Happy shopping (and selling, for once)!

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