Ballerina Pink

October 22, 2014

J. Crew Tiered Shift Dress in Raindrop Lace | Club Monaco Pamera Pleated Skirt | Michael Kors Runway Watch | Kate Spade Primrose Hill Little Kaelin Bag | Urban Outfitters Kimchi Blue Elastic Cross-strap Flats
I took ballet classes for several years as a kid but lacked both the discipline and grace to advance (I ended up being pretty good at soccer as an adolescent). These flats allow me to channel my inner ballerina without any of the blood and sweat. While I normally loathe making shoe recommendations because there are as many different feet shapes as there are people, these flats are truly amazing (I own four pairs and keep them in the office, in my car, at home, and in my travel go-bag); the price is reasonable ($29 in two colors) and while sizing and quality can be inconsistent (I've received two duds that I have had to exchange), I still recommend this shoe enthusiastically to my friends and family (and may have forced them on unsuspecting friends last Christmas).

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