Red Pants

September 26, 2014

 c/o Ann Taylor Faux Leather Trim Trench Jacket | Cherrykoko Stripe Tee | Ann Taylor Modern Cropped Pants | J. Crew Panama Hat | See by Chloe Poya Satchel | Converse All Star Shoreline Sneaker
I am not so eccentrically dressed that my outfits draw attention on their own. The attempt at surreptitious photo-taking, however, comes with inescapable catcalling and snide comments from passersby.

Red pants, though, provoke some of the weirdest reactions from those I share the neighborhood with. From hooligans to avuncular types, everyone seems to have something to say about red pants (though not always malign in nature, their comments inevitably add to my anxiety about taking photos in public).

On the day these pictures were taken, I had been relieved that I was on my last stop--the grocery store--before heading home, when, mid-frozen-food-shopping, I felt sudden pressure against my back thigh. When I peered down to investigate what had possessed my leg, I found that a small toddler had latched onto my leg and when our eyes met, he flashed me a wide toothless grin.

Rarely accosted so unexpectedly (still unsure how I should've reacted), I stood still with a small child clung to my leg for what felt like minutes until he lost interest in me and toddled back to his parent, leaving behind a still dumbfounded me. 

There's never a dull moment when one wears red pants.

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