Michael by Michael Kors Medium Reese Satchel Review

July 24, 2014

Michael by Michael Kors Medium Reese Satchel
Reese, the bowler-infused update to the ever-so popular Selma, represents Michael Kors's latest effort to capture (or rather, retain) repeat customers. I was initially drawn to one of several colors (a saturated amber) it's available in and wasted no time ordering it to test drive.

The "Reese" is a richly compartmentalized handbag with two zippered external compartments and one central compartment closeable with a snap fastener. Within these three larger divisions are a number of slip pockets, zip pockets, and accessory ports.

There are a number of things I found unappealing about this bag and the list is long because I purchased it based on a judgment of one secondary characteristic: color, which is certainly not unimportant but normally only a criterion to consider once a bag passes some basic (and idiosyncratic) standards on aesthetic and build.

The pebbled leather is understandably stiff as the shape of the bag depends on a certain rigidity of structure. It's certainly not my favorite type of leather and impressions on the leather can be difficult to reverse. 

The low-300 price range is consistent with other handbags in this class for Michael Kors but, speaking only for myself, I do not consider it necessary or desirable to hoard multiple bags of similar design manufactured under the same brand (which isn't too say I don't routinely violate my own arbitrary shopping guidelines).
The handheld straps fold down! One requirement that not enough bags fulfill.
And the crossbody strap is adjustable and detachable.
I ended up paying about $80 for the Zara Mini City Bag (a keeper! Last worn here) which is no more impressive than the Reese on paper but my preference for the former's shape won out; the Zara purchase is hardly more responsible or well-considered but the financial damage and related utils derived from it is better justified.

The hardware on Michael Kors handbags are naturally "better" (or sturdier, shinier, etc.) than most Zara handbags and the details more nuanced (number of fasteners, pockets, and compartments) but as I was not specifically seeking out a particular type of bag, these details did not make a conspicuous difference to me.
Source: Neiman Marcus
The medium Reese satchel measures about 11" tall, 8" wide, and about 5" deep and weighs a little under 2 pounds. This size is currently available in white (also on sale here), luggage brown, and black.

Other sizes: large satchel (luggage brown and fuchsia, ) and medium messenger (white, red, black, and fuchsia).

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