Weekend Denim

June 08, 2014

I know I am pushing the denim on denim trend a little further than intended; the frequency with which I wear d-o-d borders on laziness but I have a tendency to run a trend to the ground before moving on.
American Eagle Faded Denim Jacket | H&M Denim Shirt | Ann Taylor Modern Classic Pearl & Chain Necklace | Marissa Webb Shorts | Madewell Transport Tote (also here) | Converse All Star Shoreline Sneaker
In a previous post, I was asked what socks I normally wear with these Converse slip-ons. And the grubby truth is...I normally don't wear socks with slip-on shoes (I do throw them into the washing machine every other week to prevent bacterial or fungal colonies from taking hold). However, when I anticipate long walks in high humidity, I would wear half socks (like these Peda Bella Toe Toppers Socks) or footies to control sweaty feet.

Happy Sunday, all!

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  1. I actually haven't seen a bad "d-o-d" on you :) Love the casualness of your outfit but with some bling with the pearls! Keep on rolling with the denim and denim!

  2. That's denim-on-denim done right. I myself usually can't seem to pull off the look, but I'm hunting around for a chambray shirtdress or something similar to approximate the look and feel.

    Also, those shorts are adorable!


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