30 Outfits in a Bag: A-Line Skirt

June 25, 2014

All capsule travel wardrobes benefit from having a healthy variety of shapes and colors. Business travel complicates this simple rule because business-appropriate attire often bears boring shapes and/or colors.

Of the twenty items assembled for this hybrid trip, only two skirts made the list and both are somewhat typical workwear (with a slight twist): one in a distracting yellow color and the other flares slightly.
J. Crew Classic Schoolboy Blazer | Ann Taylor Silk Shell with Necktie and Pintucks | J. Crew Sterling Skirt in Double-serge Wool | H&M Shoulder Bag | Miu Miu Taupe Pumps (similar)

I avoid safety-pinning clothes when I can but when faced with the prospect of having to wear the same skirt every day for a week, I get creative (if not outright destructive).

There are two no-sew methods when it comes to shortening a skirt: one can either roll up the skirt (something I learned in fifth grade; stuffy Catholic school uniforms beg to be tampered with) or shorten the length with safety pins.

For A-line skirts, especially ones with pockets, the first method works improperly about fifty percent of the time so I normally choose to fold the skirt inward from the bottom and secure the new length with safety pins (four or five of them will do the trick).

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  1. Do you think ironing before and after you fold the skirt will help it not lose shape during the day and just re-iron if you want the full length after?

    1. Hi there,

      To be frank, I wouldn't recommend ironing for these temporary hem jobs. It is possible that I am just terrible with an iron but some creases are stubborn/permanent and I don't feel the difference (between ironing vs not ironing) is pronounced enough to warrant the extra step. :)

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Okay, thanks! Also, for the jean jacket, is it true to color through pictures? I have been looking for one for the longest time and I like the color of the one you have on. Also, is the material thick or thin? I have run across some that looks thick but is actually quite thin. Thanks again in advance.


    4. My jean jacket is from last year but the wash should be the same. The denim material is medium-weight. Hope this helps! :)

  2. I love this series..its so helpful to get mix and match ideas... some great combinations for the skirt here..


    1. I am glad you found it useful. :)

  3. I am digging that pink purse. It's a lovely size and is a nice pop of personality to an otherwise business-y outfit.


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