30 Outfits in a Bag: Crossover Dress

June 11, 2014

At the risk of boring all you to tears, this series on my business travel packing list will comprise about ten posts. I originally planned to devote only three posts to this topic but couldn't organize the content effectively in that space without employing jerky transitions.

On to today's subject: I normally pack at least one dressier dress (is this a pleonasm?) that can be worn to a nice dinner but isn't too flashy for business appointments.

The "Crossover Sheath Dress" (which comes in black and bisque) is still available for purchase at Ann Taylor. The neckline on me is a bit too low-cut (and also gapes) for most office settings so I normally safety-pin the front for a less revealing look.

It could be that I just don't have the goods to fill the dress (likely) so safety pins are optional.
Burberry Westland Trench | Ann Taylor Crossover Sheath Dress | Hermes Reversible Belt | Ann Taylor Estate Shimmer Necklace | Prada Saffiano Lux Tote | Miu Miu Taupe Pumps (similar)
Other dresses that I could pack which serve a similar purpose:
Diane von Furstenberg Zarita Lace Dress | Black Halo Jackie Belted Gabardine Sheath Dress
For those of you who find wearing a dress under a skirt or a top uncomfortable, opt instead for matching separates with a twist (like this two-piece lace top and skirt set; here's another top and skirt set). 

Here are a few looks with the dress that incorporate pieces itemized here.
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  1. Love the olive jacket combo with the dress. Will we get to see Seattle pics on the blog soon?! :)

    1. lol, you are looking at them! I took most of the pictures for this series in Seattle and the rest in NV and CA. No special travel post, sadly. That's not really my thing (and you do it so much better!)

      Next time I am in the area you will have to take me hiking!!!!

  2. AnonymousJune 11, 2014

    This is great combos!! I love this post!

  3. Excellent post Elle! Reminds me of your "Wear it 5 ways" posts, which I always enjoy reading.

  4. AnonymousJune 11, 2014

    How do you wear the shirt over the dress without seen the edges? just like you put them in to a skirt?
    Greetings from México

    1. I normally shorten the length by knotting the bottom of the top, tucking the knot inward, and then belting where the bottom of the top and the dress meet. Refer to this old post: http://www.fastfoodandfastfashion.com/2012/06/navy-top-navy-dots.html

  5. I really like all the different ways you chose to wear it. Gotta love beautiful, multi-functional pieces!

    Style Tab

  6. Clearly now I need this dress. (I have a similar "goods" related issue with a wrap dress from Anthropologie so I feel your pain. I just always remind myself that not having "goods" in that department means you get to look fantastic in tailored trenches and blazers, so, totally worth it.)

    Love all the looks, but I especially love it styled with the Hermes belt and Burberry trench, and then also with the white blazer.

    1. Thank you! :)

      Still a little sad that certain parts are not fleshier but I suppose I should just be happy it's not flatter.

  7. I LOVE this! Am pinning :)

  8. I love this outfit! That trench so perfect, I love the structure of it! And I love it with this dress!


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