30 Outfits in a Bag: Bow Top

June 14, 2014

When packing for a lengthier trip with space constraint, I normally choose pieces that are more muted in color and avoid color schemes that vaguely resemble holiday themes (so no red with pink, red with green, orange with black, etc.) I also opt for neutral outerwear (like khaki trench coats, medium wash denim jackets, black/gray/navy blazers, etc.) and few colorful or printed pieces.

These stringent rules produce slightly colorless combinations that are more numerous than if more unique pieces were originally chosen.
Burberry Westland Trench (similar) | Ann Taylor Silk Shell with Necktie and Pintucks | Gap 1969 Sexy Boyfriend Jeans | YSL Cabas Chyc Large Leather East West Bag | Zara Court Shoes (similar)
I bought three of these Ann Taylor silk shells years ago and they remain some of my favorite pieces for travel. They look great with pants and skirts and work well in both casual and business settings. 

Here are three tie neck blouses to consider if you are in the market for something similar.
Iris + Ink | Michael Kors | Mango

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  1. You're always so creative Elle :) I have that bow top but sadly it went into the regular wash by accident and got ruined :( So sad.

  2. Loving this series - those ZARA shoes are fab...and that trench is amazing :-)

  3. So cute! I really love it paired with the pink skirt and trench :D

  4. I love bow tops they are my favorite business casual piece. You're doing a great job on this series.


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