Polka Dot Jeans

April 21, 2014

I bought these polka dot jeans from the Gap several months ago for pennies; I had unexpectedly come into a substantial amount of Gap Inc. rewards* and wandered into the store expecting to spend my windfall on new pajamas, only to walk out with two oversized shopping bags full of sale clothes instead.

 *an aside: not completely unexpected as I bought my dad some weekend clothes from Banana Republic and in one trip managed to spend more money than I normally blow through in a year on myself, resulting in a scary amount of rewards. My point: BR store card, would recommend if you are a frequent shopper.

Among my haul are these jeans which I almost immediately regretted buying (the fit was unappealingly baggy at the time). But I started wearing them with frequency after I intentionally "cultivated mass (video link; has sound)" for the winter and found that my skinny jeans had become unbearably restrictive. These jeans got me through a few rushed mornings when "I have nothing to wear" which, given the size of my wardrobe, the irony was not lost on me.

I was trying to glean a transferable lesson from this story but alas, shopping is a fairly empty exercise. And I am always delighted by its trivial exuberance.
H&M Fitted Coat | CherryKoko Lace Blouse (similar) | Gap 1969 Destructed Always Skinny Skimmer Jeans (similar) | Marc Jacobs Quilted Westside Bag | Miu Miu Taupe Pumps (similar)
A recent purchase that I would unconditionally recommend is this white fitted coat from H&M; it's fairly unremarkable as far as workmanship is concerned but the lightly puffed sleeves are so irresistible. You can also visit Extra Petite for more styling ideas.

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  1. Loving it absolutely! Everything with so many different styles and looking so pretty together.


  2. I've always adored polka dots, wore some in the form of a jcrew button down today! Anyway, love this trendy but clean outfit on you!

    1. You need to better document your outfits and hauls on Instagram! My fascination with your closet and style is not adequately sated with the infrequent posting schedule you are on! :-D

  3. Ha, ha. "Cultivating mass" is hilarious, and my body is very "intentional" about it even though I rather it were not. My body just packs it on in colder months, as well as under even the remotest hint of stress. I was quite relieved, though, with the return of warmer weather, it thankfully melted off. I now find myself richer by a few pairs of new pants that are useless until the latter part of next winter when the mass will mostly like once again be unbearable for my regular pairs.

    I find your writing delightful, treating fare such as fashion and shopping with equal amounts of levity and gravitas it deserves.

    1. Thank you for tolerating my self-indulgent writing. I am a fairly serious person with a slightly impenetrable sense of humor so it's always surprising to me that people might enjoy my ramblings. :)

      And you are very lucky that your body regulates so well for temperature and stress; if only I were as lucky as you! I try not to be too concerned about weight but should probably stop eating three dozen cookies in one sitting lest I outgrow all my clothes, which would be expensive to replace.

  4. Elle you always have the cutest clothes. I really adore your top.

  5. I love the jeans on you, so fun!


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