Lady Jacket + Bow Skirt (Everlane Silk Blouse Review)

March 14, 2014

I've suffered from bow craze for most of my life (of the incurable variety; given two identical items, one with bow and one without, I will always choose the one with bow and readily pay more for it) but until recently never questioned why it is that I like bows.

Is it because they are associated with "cuteness" and "daintiness" (like butterflies)? This conclusion would be consistent with my rampant peter pan syndrome but a cursory google search couldn't confirm my suspicion.

Maybe I like bows because the mouthless cat has one? But this explanation has an inherent chicken or the egg problem. Do I like the cat because it has a bow or do I like bows because the cat has one?

Or maybe my question, like most unexplainables in life, relates to insidious patriarchy. The French aristocrats wore bow ties and later the bow tie came to have a positive association with the influential but individualistic so my motivations are imitative in nature?

For those of you who arrived at this juncture earlier in time, what did you find? Or maybe I am giving this too much thought (I probably am).
J. Crew Lady Jacket in Double-serge Wool  (last worn here) | c/o Everlane Silk Rounded Collar Blouse (last worn here) | Kate Spade Jolie Skirt (last worn here) | Zara Court Shoes (similar) | Michael Kors Large Selma Satchel (reviewed here)
And as promised, a short review of the Everlane Silk Blouse with Rounded Collars.

The Everlane "white" is off-white, in contrast to the milky Equipment "bright white" (a complete review of the Equipment blouses can be found here) and is almost the same shade of ivory as Equipment's "natural white."

Round collars are a comely alternative to the classic point collar. Everlane also offers a blouse with band collar.
Clockwise from top: Brett Shirt in Bright White | Everlane Silk Blouse with Rounded Collar in White | Slim Signature Blouse in Natural White
The silk that Everlane uses is only marginally (though not quite negligibly so) thinner than the silk that Equipment uses. It is substantial enough that routine wear will not quickly attenuate the material.

The shirt appears wrinkly in these pictures after living in a suitcase for much of a two-week trip where logistics inhibited the use of a garment steamer. It's held up well despite the near-daily abuse.
The Silk Rounded Collar Blouse | White | XS
Shoulder: 15" | Bust: 18" | Length: 26.25" | Sleeve Length: 22.5"
Pictured below is the Everlane Blouse atop the Equipment Slim Signature Blouse. The Everlane blouse is slightly slimmer but the differences are almost indiscernible.

I personally prefer the Everlane Blouse to the three Equipment styles I reviewed for the rounded collars (which is a subjective matter) and also for the cheaper sticker price.
For a short sleeve option, Ann Taylor has a warm-weather perfect short-sleeve blouse with rounded collars

 More silk blouse reviews are in the works, stay tuned. 


The winners of the Daily Charms giveaway are Fisa R. (mint hi-low skirt) and Bonnie L. (scarf). Please e-mail me your mailing addresses.

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  1. Woah, what a coincidence and timely review; I was just browsing Everlane earlier today! Out of curiosity... have you tried their t-shirts?

    1. I have not! I hope to (and if you do let me know how you like 'em!).

  2. thanks for the review elle! silk shirts are absolute staples in my closet and i've been eyeing a few at everlane. P

    1. You wear them well, P! :)

  3. I think I haven't paid much attention to bows until I became of a fan of your blog, lol! But to me, it seems like the smaller or daintier the bows, the more I like it because it is just "too cute"! I'm guessing bows stimulates a happy nerve because they remind of good times....bows on Christmas/B-day presents, bow-tie on guys when they dress up for special occasions (I always thought Charles Osgood on CBS Sunday Morning show was so adorable in his bows, haha), and bows from sashes worn on dresses (picturing cute flower-girl during weddings)....happy moments of life :)

    1. Great inductive reasoning, Olyvia. I can see the connection you made. :)

  4. AnonymousJuly 22, 2014

    Hi~ I love your outfit! But do you know Jean from extrapetite? You girls have some pics with the same background. =)


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