Floral Scarf and Sweatshirt Dress

March 22, 2014

Zara reintroduced one of my favorite purchases, a kid's parka, in its spring collection this year. A year of routine wear and tear has had no effect on the appearance of my jacket. The largest kid's size (13/14) will comfortably accommodate most petite women under size 4/6 (bust size is a principal determinant). 

At or above average height and/or more voluptuous women would probably find the adult version (available in XS-XXL), which is only slightly more expensive, a more suitable choice.
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Zara Parka with Detachable Waistcoat (similar) | Zipia Sweatshirt Dress (similar) | J. Crew Printed Linen Scarf in Emerald Pool | Madewell Transport Tote (also here) | Forever 21 Faux Leather Wedge Booties
More about the Madewell Transport Tote in another post. Madewell has excluded the style from most store-wide sales but you can still receive a small discount with the teacher/student discount (15% off; in-store only), catalog-exclusive coupons (usually $25 off), or during one of Shopbop's F&F events (usually 20% off).
Enjoy your weekend, all!

 Shop ASOS's Preview Sale. Use code FIRST30 at checkout.

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