Navy Peacoat and Gold Pants (+ J. Crew Majesty Peacoat Review)

February 27, 2014

Latent color cues can be really powerful. I recently started wearing blue and gold with increased frequency without prompt but upon further reflection think my brother's college fan gear is to blame. 

Or maybe I am just highly suggestible. I've been known to wear some combination of red, white, and blue for the duration of the summer Olympics without intending to be purposely patriotic.
J. Crew Majesty Peacoat | ASOS Blouse With Broderie Anglaise And Bow | Club Monaco Betia Wool Cropped Pant in Mustard | Chanel Jumbo Flap | Zara Leather High Heel Court Shoe

I've always admired the J. Crew Majesty Peacoat on Cee (I'd urge you to spend some time in her archives if you really want to make this purchase but need an extra push) but doubted its practicality for me and finally capitulated during one of J. Crew's many additional 40%/50% off sales. 

I couldn't decide between colors and sizes so in all ordered three to choose from. 

A few general comments and observations: I purchased my copy of the coat for a little less than half the retail price and consider that a fair price for a dependable, timeless piece. The fit is consistent with other tailored J. Crew pieces (so for all you Lady Day Coat owners, your usual size will suffice). The design is simple but flattering on most shapes.
J. Crew Majesty Peacoat | Navy | 00P
Shoulder: 15" | Underarm to Underarm: 17" | Length: 27" | Sleeve Length: 21"
There is effectively no difference in fit between colors (as there sometimes is for J. Crew).
J. Crew Majesty Peacoat | Heather Charcoal | 00P
Shoulder: 15" | Underarm to Underarm: 17" | Length: 27" | Sleeve Length: 21"
I kept the coat in regular for longer sleeve and overall lengths. The slightly roomier fit will also allow room for additional layers on especially cold days.

I did notice a difference in material between the two navy peacoats; one is noticeably more "woolly" and attracted lint easier than the other. The interesting dimension to J. Crew "classics" is that there will be inconsistencies in the material used so for those of you who are more particular and have rejected styles in the past because of subtle flaws/peculiarities in the material, you could find certain releases more appealing than others.
J. Crew Majesty Peacoat | Navy | 00R
Shoulder: 15.5" | Underarm to Underarm: 17.5" | Length: 28.25" | Sleeve Length: 22.5"
The differences between regular and petite sizes are observable but not particularly drastic. The two differ mostly in sleeve and overall lengths, which is to be expected.
J. Crew cardholders can use code CARDSONLY for 20% off all purchases until March 4. The Majesty Peacoat has been further discounted (now $199 before additional discounts) so if your preferred size and color combination is in stock, I would certainly recommend the purchase.

Double-cloth Lady Day Coat with Thinsulate® // Nordic Parka // Chateau Parka in Stadium-Cloth

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  1. Your review is spot on! I picked up the Hthr Mineral color for 50% off about a month ago, but it's been so darn cold in Maine that I've only busted it out two times so far (it's been stuck in the teens and twenties here - have to break out the warm coat big guns). I found the sizing to be consistent with my size in the Schoolboy Blazer.

    The Salty Hanger

    1. Heather Mineral is a pretty amazing color and I see it's probably one of your favorites too (color of the sea at midday in the summer?)

      Love your blog and your beautiful family and your FUR BABY. Golden retrievers are my dream dog but sadly I am too irresponsible for pets. If you ever need a petsitter, let me know and I will happily dogsit for you. :)

    2. Is my weakness for any shade of turquoise THAT obvious??? Haha! You are absolutely correct that it's a fav ;-)

      Thank you for the kind words on my family and our first kid - Miller :-) He loves slumber parties and is a great snuggle buddy (though no promises that you won't wake up with fur in your mouth).

      Happy Friday!

  2. I loveee the whole variety of colors, it's such a beautiful rainbow!


  3. I adore the color combo you've got on - the navy, honey mustard and burgundy look great together!

  4. such a great coat!!! i keep forgetting to add it on my jcrew wishlist and now it's basically sold out. sigh.

    did you end up going with the regular 00? i liked the length of the regular on you more. the navy is my fav color, it contrasts nicely with the gold buttons.


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