Marigold and Bows

February 01, 2014

E-mails pertaining to spring collections trickled into my inbox late last week and the countdown to the first day of Spring has officially begun.

Mark your calendar, March 20th is just around the corner.
Zara Sweater with Contrasting Elbow Patch | Polo Ralph Lauren Cable Cardigan | Forever 21 & eBay Necklaces | Kate Spade Jolie Skirt (last worn here) | Prada Saffiano Lux Double-Zip Tote  | Via Spiga Bethany Knee-High Boot in Chestnut Leather
That said, I am having trouble getting into a pastel mood. Robin Egg Blue is shaping up to be a heavy hitter for Spring but I remain fixated on Marigold, arguably a fall shade.

Current eying the following intently: Band of Outsiders Sweater, Alice + Olivia Lace Top, L. Erickson Bow Barrette, and Burberry Orchard Bowling Bag.
And now, a quick review of the Zara Sweater with Contrasting Elbow Patch, which I purchased several weeks ago but failed to return in a timely manner because of end-of-the-year madness. The concept for the sweater is spot-on but the execution poor; the material is thin and the workmanship shoddy. Like some of Zara's most affordable designs, this sweater would probably sell better with a higher price tag if they made it marginally better in quality but like all fast fashion retailers, Zara is imperfect in this way.

I bitterly accepted this personal failing (letting disorganization overtake my life) and tried to make the best of it. This sweater turned out to be quite comfortable to lounge in and has proven useful as an additional layer and pop of color. To be honest, it has really grown on me despite its many insufficiencies (still wouldn't recommend it to you all but there's some endowment effect at play in this).

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  1. I find that is the way with Zara. Some items are great quality at a great price others are just cheap. Often it depends on where they are made which is why I love their blazers so much and t-shirts, knits not as much.

    1. Zara can be so hit-or-miss. It's helpful that they offer free shipping and free return shipping.

  2. Outfit looks amazing, I love that bow necklace!

  3. that skirt is seriously so perfect on you. i tend to associate certain pieces with various bloggers, and this kate spade skirt (and anything with bows really) always makes me think of you!

    1. Thank you! I love the skirt and love even more that it's now being associated with flattered. :)


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