Lace Espadrilles

February 23, 2014

I have been infatuated with lace espadrilles (or, as pictured, more affordable crochet slip-ons; additional colors here) for some time now. While they are unflattering on my "athletic" legs, I like them enough to dismiss any vanity about my own perceived shortcomings. Lest I ruin them for you, I want to emphasize they are really not universally truncating.

And they are also a smidgen impractical for the winter (ok, that's an understatement) but I couldn't wait any longer to wear them on unfamiliar terrain so on the first mid-50's day of the year, I slipped them on and stumped around town.
Tobi Lovely Days Top | Zara Parka with Detachable Waistcoat | Gap 1969 Sexy Boyfriend Jeans | Tory Burch Daria Top-Handle Satchel Bag | c/o Aéropostale Crochet Slip-On (fits TTS)
And I am sorry last week's shopping update didn't materialize after I advertised it. Blogger ate my post and I was unable to recover it nor was I in a position to reassemble it after my House-of-Cards and reading binge last week which resulted in having to make up missed appointments over the weekend. I will instead sprinkle in sale updates throughout the week.

The most exciting sale of the weekend was J. Crew's extra 40% off sale (select items are an extra 50% off; available in stores and online; use code BIG40 at checkout). Here are my picks: Jeweled Llama Sweater, Cable Knit Scarf, Shirttail Mini in Wool, Schoolboy Blazer in Navy, Crimson Tweed Dress, Checker Stripe Scarf, Floral Jacquard Mini, and Lady Day Coat.

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  1. Cuuute outfit! I'm now prowling for some crochet slip-ons thanks to your post. I can't wait to start my own house of cards binge! :)

    1. The second season of HOC is just as good (or bad) as the first, enjoy! But it is an enormous time suck so be sure to plan accordingly. :)


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