Coated Denim Trench Coat

February 13, 2014

Ah, coated denim; it marries the comfort of denim and the look of leather and, over the last few months, gradually infiltrated my otherwise homogenous (with regard to textures) closet.

Sure, I'd love to own this Burberry leather trench or this RED Valentino creation, but prohibitive prices aside, the impracticality of a leather coat is overwhelming. The Juicy Couture coated trench appears almost low-maintenance in comparison by being machine washable and costing only a small fraction of what its leather counterparts retail for.
Juicy Couture Sienna Coated Trench Coat (also here) | Lauren Ralph Lauren Cable-Knit Cotton Crewneck Sweater | Banana Republic Leopard Haircalf Belt | Ann Taylor Glazed Lace Pencil Skirt | Banana Republic Haircalf Bow Glove in Leopard | Prada Saffiano Lux Double-Zip Tote  | Dolce Vita Madison Pumps
But coated denim is imperfect; it is stiffer than real leather, the sheen can be unattractive to some, and its tactile properties are generally unpleasant. I can understand why some people shun it completely.
And is it really snowing again? Stay safe, all.

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  1. I love the coat!!!

  2. Love the leather accents!

  3. I am loving the outfit under the jacket! It's a beautiful skirt and I love the printed sweater!!

  4. What a sleek-looking trench. Adds some nice edge in a classic cut!

  5. I love the trench on you! The coating is great!

  6. I do love coated denim, but not sure how I feel about a coated jacket... Still, the contrast of gold hardware on the deep black is gorgeous!


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